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Michael P. Fannon is an associate in Dykema's Bloomfield Hills office. Mr. Fannon focuses his practice on corporate and transaction matters. He has assisted private equity clients in middle market merger and acquisitions with experience on both the buyer and seller sides including credit agreements, membership interest purchase agreements, complex due diligence for both national and international clients, as well as structuring strategy. He also maintains a healthy commitment to pro bono practice.

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Michigan’s Marijuana Regulatory Agency Releases New Medical Marijuana Facilities License Applications: What to Know

The State of Michigan’s newly created Marijuana Regulatory Agency (“MRA”) has released its new Medical Marijuana Facilities License application forms and instructions, formally replacing the application process previously administered by the now dissolved Bureau of Medical Marihuana Regulation. In large part, the application process and the forms themselves remain much like the old, but now reflect recent changes to the Medical Marijuana Facilities Licensing Act (“MMFLA”) in effort to make the licensing process more streamlined and conducive to publicly traded companies, and remove inapplicable inquiries related to temporary operations under the previous “emergency rules.” The remaining changes are stylistic cleanups emphasizing the underlying requirement of truthfulness, provide separate forms for entities or individuals, and a streamlined application submission process. Applications remain a two-step process of submitting for prequalification (“Step 1”) and facility licensure (“Step 2”). Read More ›