The state of Texas has a long history of regulating cannabis use. Since 1915, when the first city ordinance was passed banning cannabis in El Paso,[i] the legal landscape in Texas and the rest of the country continues to evolve at different rates. This has resulted in widely varying defined legal guidelines and consequences from the use and possession of cannabis. These legal guidelines/laws related to cannabis continue to be enacted, repealed, and debated in the Texas Legislature today, evidencing strong public sentiment for more accepted, legally permissible uses of cannabis and cannabis products. In recent years, most major cities in Texas have launched programs and adopted policies that reduce, or even eliminate, penalties for the possession of cannabis.[ii] While the Texas Legislature has been slow in changing its position formally in the enactment of laws, a number of bills in the Texas House and Senate being considered during the 2023 session show that a spark continues to create a legal landscape that would foster the participation of Texans and the State of Texas in the lucrative and public-serving cannabis industry.Continue Reading High Hopes on 4/20: The Current Status of Cannabis Laws in Texas