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At both the trial and appellate levels, Mark Magyar combines a thorough analysis of the facts and law with determined advocacy and personal commitment to obtaining favorable outcomes in a wide range of commercial and business disputes. Mark's focus on the issues and arguments that matter while dispensing with those that distract or delay facilitates efficient resolutions that save his clients time, money, and disruption.

  • In the month of February, Notices of Assessment for the 2024 tax year will be sent to taxpayers in the State of Michigan. The Notice of Assessment will include the Classification of your property in addition to the Assessed/State Equalized and Taxable Values.
  • Licensed Medical or Adult-Use Marijuana Growers should pay particularly close attention to their Notices of Assessment, as they have an opportunity to pursue substantial property tax savings.

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In a first-of-its-kind decision, the Cass County Circuit Court has ruled in favor of HRP Cassopolis, LLC, a Michigan-based cannabis business, in their dispute with the LaGrange Township assessor. A potential milestone for the cannabis industry, this ruling sheds light on the legal classification of cannabis cultivation and its eligibility for agricultural tax-related benefits. Dykema attorneys Carl Rashid, Jr. and Mark Magyar were proud to deliver this victory for HRP.Continue Reading Michigan Court Recognizes Cannabis Cultivation as Agricultural Operation